"The business of business is people," as Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines once said. If you want to enhance your leadership potential, you can engage a professional coach who will work with you to develop your full potential, encourage you to maximize your strengths and provide guidance on how to minimize any weaknesses that would hold you back.

By partnering with PEOPLE RESOURCES, you can achieve greater leadership effectiveness through:
  • Self-assessments to gain insight into your leadership and team style
  • Assessment of your current level of emotional Intelligence and understanding of the 10 building blocks for success
  • Development of a tailored performance management system for your company to enhance both individual and team productivity
  • Setting clear goals that are aligned with your overall business strategy
  • Learning how to deal proactively with change and minimize resistance to new initiatives
  • Learning how to recruit the right people for the right jobs at the right time!
For more information on how you can achieve develop your leadership skills as well as tailored management development workshops for your team, please contact Deirdre at deirdre@peopleresources.ie
Coaching at its core is about awareness and responsibility. Individuals can learn better, manage relationships better, be better team members and deliver better performance.

CIPD, 2009

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Deirdre Murray speaks at Mary Curran's Life & Business Coaching 10-year Coaching Reunion

Support and enhance your leadership potential, change initiatives and performance management systems with tailored coaching support.

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