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  2. Leading in Tough Times -Is there a Place for the Emotionally-Intelligent Leader?Deirdre Murray and Daire Coffey, co-authors of “EQ – A Leadership Imperative,” (part of the Management Briefs Series), outline 5 winning ways to lead with emotional intelligence in these challenging times:

    “Emotional capitalists represent leaders with the advanced capacity of being able to guide people to action from within by engaging the prime movers of behaviour – emotions.”

    Dr. Martyn Newman

    In today’s tough environment, do we revert back to the ‘command and control’ style of leadership to manage this crisis, or is there a need for leaders to continue to engage ‘hearts and minds’ along the difficult road ahead?

    Today’s leader is faced with constant change and the increasing challenge of doing more with less. Our economy, while catching sight of small, ‘green shoots’ trying to edge their way through the thick, cakey rubble, has a long way to go. Ireland has not only to manage its own budget deficit and the billions in loans from Irish Banks, subsumed into NAMA (The National Management Agency), it is also obliged to support lending within the eurozone to the tune of another €7.5bn.

    We’re truly in a crisis and often this scenario calls for leaders who can ‘step to the plate’ to get us through tough times. Leaders are faced with an onerous task in front of them: cutting operation costs, managing daily cash flows with a microscope, trimming margins and severing headcount, as well as seeking to retain loyal customers and winning new business in innovative and creative ways.

    This task-focused activity, while absolutely critical, can often override the human factors involved. People’s lives have been decimated, one or two-parent families may be jobless, mortgages remain unpaid, crèche fees are now a luxury and people are left with a sense of uncertainty and lack of hope for the future.

    Outstanding leaders are not only highly competent at what they do but how they do it. They are emotionally-intelligent leaders. Emotional Intelligence, (EQ), is the “difference that makes the difference” and is even more critical to steer us through tough times.

    We outline 5 winning ways to help you lead with emotional intelligence in facing the tough challenges ahead…

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