Executive Coaching

‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.’ – Anonymous.

In these turbulent times, you or members of your staff may be facing redundancy or will have to make significant transitions in their careers due to recent economic pressures. PEOPLE RESOURCES coaching professionals will be able to work with you and your company to help your managers and employees transition smoothly to new roles and step up to completely new horizons, perhaps a complete career and life change. For more details…

– Outplacement and Career Coaching
– Coaching for High Performance: One-Day Workshop
– Successful Performance Management & Coaching Techniques: Two-day workshop
– Mentoring Workshop – Developing Talent within Your Organisation 
– Introduction to Coaching & NLP Techniques
– Emotional Intelligence and Your Success

What is Coaching?
Coaching is the process of helping to draw out the best potential in others to help them perform at the peak of their ability. It involves drawing out someone’s strengths, helping them to overcome internal resistance and enhancing their ability to work as a high performing leader or team member.

What value will Coaching provide for you and your business?
Many of our clients confirm that, as external coaches, we can support the learning and development efforts of your internal professionals and can assist managers and team leaders to achieve results in a much shorter and focused timeframe as the coaching process taps into a clearly defined need.

Coaching adds clarity and focus to the process of visioning and goal achievement in both your personal and business life. It is about maximising your potential and focusing on what will add real value and deciding what outcomes are really important.

As Executive Coaches, PEOPLE  RESOURCES partner with people who are already motivated to making changes and are ready to set a course of action that will transform ideas and aspirations into concrete plans.

Why use a Coach?
A good coach will help you recognise where you can best focus your positive energy on achieving the results you want. The coach will assist you in making choices that are clearly aligned to both your business and your own personal values.

With clear and focused goals and objectives, the coach will work with you to systematically eliminate what is not working and focus on what will work, in order to transform both your business and personal life.

What Our Clients Say:
“Brimming with ideas and infectious enthusiasm, Deirdre is a high impact
performer and can delivers results quickly”

European Financial Controller, Alltech Biotechnology Company.

“I was very impressed by the programme content, which was enhanced by a very practical delivery. This is an excellent programme for organisations seeking best practice in Performance Management, with the follow up coaching critical to embedding the learning”
John Corbett, HR Director, Irish Cement Ltd.

What Are the Options? How does Coaching Work?
Most coaches work on a one-to-one basis with the client over an agreed period. The coaching session can take place on-site or at an agreed external venue. The coach and client agree a timetable of sessions over an agreed period with specific reviews built in every four sessions.

In the coaching session the focus is totally on the client and you will be challenged to keep your commitments.

Commitment by your Coach
The coach will work in partnership with you, to support you in achieving your most important objectives and is committed to your success. Complete confidentiality will be maintained at all times. If you are comfortable to proceed with your coach, PEOPLE  RESOURCES will draw up a coaching contract for the specified period.

The coaches provided by PEOPLE  RESOURCES are Professional Certified Coaches and have extensive experience at senior level in both the public and private sector.

A Dynamic Coaching Partnership

  • Your coach is totally committed to your success-and can see beyond your blind spots.
  • When you hire a coach, you make a huge commitment to yourself and your business.
  • You will set compelling goals that you will want to accomplish.
  • You will hold yourself responsible and accountable for achieving your goals.
  • The coach will keep you focused consistently building momentum.
  • Your coaching programme will be customised to suit you.

How does Coaching Work? What is the Process?
Each individual session normally lasts from one to two hours by mutual agreement. Change takes time, so an initial six to twelve month commitment is usual. Some clients choose to work with us for longer periods.

At PEOPLE  RESOURCES we initially meet with the client to ensure that they are fully informed about the process and to that they have the best fit with their coach.

Thereafter, sessions are conducted at an agreed duration and time.

The client would complete a brief Coaching Intake Form to give the coach some idea of their background and contact details. At specific intervals during the coaching process the client would complete a Coaching Review Form to give them the opportunity to review the process and to give their own personal feedback.

A professional coach becomes your supportive, objective partner in business to encourage you to stretch your goals and stay focused on the issues that matter to you most. We will work together in developing a vision for your personal and professional success by focusing on positive actions that create the results you want.

Coaching Results

In the U.S., Executive coaching was found to deliver an ROI of nearly six times the initial cost of coaching, according to a study to determine its impact. Seventy percent of the executives surveyed valued the ROI on coaching at $100,000 or more, and almost 30 percent valued the ROI on coaching between $500,000 and $1 million. — Survey of 100 senior executives conducted by Right Management Consultants, July, 2004.

In a similar study, a Fortune 500 Company found that among 77% of the respondents undertaking a leadership programme, coaching had significant or very significant impact on at least one of nine business measures. Productivity improved 60% and employee satisfaction increased by 53%. Survey of 43 leadership development participants conducted by Metrix Global, LLC, 2003.

I’m ready to get started. What is the next step?
If you would like to meet one of our coaches, please contact Deirdre Murray at 00353 1 2832540 or by email: info@peopleresources.ie. I look forward to receiving your call.

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