Leadership Development

The success or failure of any organisation depends on the quality of its leadership.’ Fiedler and Cremer, 2002.

– Leading People & Change Workshop
 Team Leadership & Team Development
– Personal Organisation: Planning & Prioritising
 Developing Personal Effectiveness

In today’s ever-changing business environment, leaders require enhanced skills in order to build a high performing culture within your organisation as well as developing their own careers. Leaders must demonstrate that they can define and articulate the company vision and strategy, initiate and manage change effectively, take risks, and be an excellent communicator and coach.

The most successful leaders are able to focus on the big picture and maintain high level of performance because they have learned how to:

  • Have a strategic focus and lead change effectively
  • Be an effective coach and facilitator
  • Be able to adapt their leadership style to match the needs of their employees
  • Develop strong interpersonal skills and be able to motivate their team
  • Build a culture of high performance
  • Be aware of there own level of emotional intelligence and
  • Adopt a leadership approach which is aligned with their own value system and ethics

What are the main challenges that you as a leader need to overcome in order to become successful?

How can you ensure that you and your organisation develop people with the potential to lead?

Our Leading People & Change Programme will provide you with practical approaches to developing leaders in your organisation and explore the most important issues for leadership today.

This highly interactive two-day programme will assist your managers in developing core leadership competences that will enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Who Should Attend?
This workshop is designed for middle managers, and executives who have direct managerial responsibility for a team of people or have recently broadened their role into an area in which people management plays a significant part. It will benefit executives who require the ability to effectively manage ongoing change and lead and motivate others.

What benefits will this Programme provide you with?

  • Focuses on a leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and motivates the team towards high performance.
  • Develops the tools and techniques to allow you to coach successfully and build a team that is focused on clear goals and objectives.
  • Develops a greater awareness of the importance of “emotional intelligence”.
  • Examines the characteristics of effective leaders.
  • Develops your ability to influence and persuade effectively.
  • Allows you to develop a leadership style that adapts to the person and situation.
  • Improves performance through effective delegation
  • Helps you develop a personal action plan.

Team Leadership & Team Development
Who should attend?

This two-day workshop is designed for all managers and team leaders who are directly responsible for managing a team. Learn more about the team dynamics and how your personal leadership and team style can impact its success. Find out more…

Personal Organisation: Planning & Prioritising
Who should attend?

This one-day workshop is designed for all executives, managers and team leaders who want to more effective in their role and develop the tools & techniques to deal effectively with ‘time stealers’ and manage their time well. Find out more…

Developing Personal Effectiveness
Who should attend?

This one-day workshop is designed for individuals who want to develop their ability to influence and persuade effectively, to develop assertiveness skills and develop effective techniques for managing stress. Find out more…

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